Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Self Pay Rates Effective 9/2023

Please click here to view the new rate, and click here to view our letter about our rate increases.

What is the first appointment like?

Our first meeting will last about an hour. We’ll have an in-depth discussion of your medical history, family history of illness, any previous diagnoses, and your current symptoms. We’ll work together to create a treatment plan and prescribe necessary medications.

Do you provide psychotherapy?

Although we work to educate you about your diagnoses, we do not provide comprehensive psychotherapy. We can recommend therapists in the area who could be a good fit for your needs.

Does your practice accept insurance?

Our practice accepts CDPHP and MVP commercial insurance plans.

Do you accept insurance for TMS treatment?

TMS therapy is accepted by Cigna commercial insurance, CDPHP commercial, Optum Commercial, and Medicaid insurance, Highmark insurance, BCBS PPO, and MVP commercial and Medicaid insurance.

If you don’t see your insurance company listed, we often work on receiving a “single case agreement” with insurance companies to help you receive the best treatment possible.

Will I be on medication forever?

It depends. We utilize medication to help alleviate your symptoms and follow up with you regularly to make sure the type and dose of medication is right for you. As you near and enter remission, we may adjust your medications to help maintain your success.

Do I need both psychiatry and psychotherapy?
A combination of both psychiatry and psychotherapy work best for some people, while only one or the other may work best for others. We’ll help you find a balance that works for you.
What if my medication doesn’t work?

If medication alone is not effective, there are other options for treatment, including psychotherapy or TMS. Click here to learn more about TMS.

Where are you located?
You can find our office at 414 Maple Ave Suite 700, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866.
What are your hours?
Front office: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm
Providers: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm (hours may vary)
Do you offer in-person or virtual appointments?
Patients are seen in-person for their first appointment, followed by a discussion with your provider to determine if continuing in-person appointments or virtual visits are the best method moving forward.
How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, call us at (518) 583-7410.