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Your pain is real. But so is hope.

Get experienced, ethical psychiatric care in Saratoga Springs, NY.


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Get Back to Yourself

Suffering isn’t your new normal. We’ll help lift the burden of mental illness with compassionate care that supports your journey back to wellness.

Get long-lasting relief from depression and anxiety with TMS Therapy. Rediscover yourself and take control of your emotional well-being.

You Are Not Alone

You don’t have to face your challenges by yourself. Our caring team of experts will help you address your symptoms now and make a plan for the future.


Increase Your Capacity

You are stronger than you think. We’ll help you find and develop coping tools so you can address your problems with confidence.


Restore Normalcy

Enjoy your life again. Find happiness, rediscover passions, and look forward to participating in all that the world has to offer.

Feel Better

You are not defined by your illness. No matter your symptoms, we’ll help you manage your medications to find relief.

Find Your Way Through

Understand your mental health and what you can do about it.

You're Not Alone

The right mix of medication management and education will lift the burden of your struggles.

Change is Possible

You can get your life back. With proper treatment, coping and dealing with problems you face will be easier to navigate.

There is Hope

We’ve helped thousands of patients like you overcome their sense of desperation and regain confidence in a bright future.


“I'm lucky to have such a caring psychiatrist! He really invests the time in the relationship and builds trust through playing the long-game. I've been seeing him for years and he's earned my trust.”

Kyle S.

“I had never been on medication that fully worked. Dr. Astruc has helped me so much.It’s amazing. Honestly, he’s changed my life.”

Jillian F.

Space to Heal

When something is wrong and making it hard to function at your best, it’s easy to feel frustrated.

You find yourself asking questions like:

Why don’t I feel like myself?

Why aren’t I improving?

Can I even get better?

At Manuel Astruc, MD & Associates we want you to know that change is possible!

You are not alone. Our team of experienced, ethical experts is here to help you feel your best, perform your best, and get back to enjoying life.

Let’s join forces so you can stop feeling desperate, hopeless, and alone. Together we’ll create a plan and take steps to help you feel and stay better.

“Dr. Astruc is an excellent psychiatrist. He doesn’t only prescribe medication, he offers tips and advice and explains them with stories. He was right on point with what I needed after years of trying different medicines.”

Anthony B.

“I had so much confidence in Dr. Astruc’s decisions, and he really helped me to stabilize. He also educated my family and me about what bipolar disorder means. After I was stabilized, we slowly cut down on the heavier meds to improve my quality of life. I am so grateful he was my doctor!”